4rabet aviator game review

The era of casino games has come? Spribe's Aviator game has been driving the fans crazy in a good sense. Aviator game is a so-called crash game. These are games where you decide interactively when you want to quit. The game we are going to discuss today is a very simple pattern. You bet on a plane taking off and slowly rising towards the horizon. The multiplier increases constantly. The aim of the aviator is to get the right point and get paid before the little plane accelerates and disappears from view. In our review of this game, you will be able to learn how to play this game and what makes the aviator game so attractive.

Aviator game testing

Aviator game come to the list of products that you don't expect to resonate with gamers. The game is from another casino universe in all senses, this game is definitely not classic. Aviator is a progressive In this case, however, it turns out differently, firstly, and secondly than you think. Pin Up casino Aviator has become dominant as the gameplay is very simple. Aviator casino game might even deserve a special section in our casino and we think the game is special enough to find a new home. It's actually not a new concept at all, since a game called "Crash" has been around for a few years. However, this could not prevail among the players. Maybe "aviator" just sounds more positive than "crash".

Aviator Features

The Aviator game has several features that set it apart from classic online casino games. Some of these definitely improve the gaming experience. Here are the most interesting features of this amazing game:

  • Live betting: During each round of play, you can always check how much and how all players are betting. You can also check their winnings and the multipliers they manage to cash out. This feature should not be underestimated: collecting information on the players in the game often turns out to be a great advantage!
  • Live Stats: By tapping on the bar on the left of the display you are able to check all the best bets for each game round. Among all the bets present, of course, yours can also appear. In the upper section, you will also find statistics on daily, monthly, and annual winnings.
  • Fun mode: if before betting on real figures you want to discover all the functions and understand the mechanics of the game, you can do it for free using the demo mode available on 4rabet. You can bet using a virtual balance and play as long as you want. There are no limits! Our advice is to use the demo version before betting with real money. This allows you to get to know the game well without eroding your gaming account.

Promotion: by chatting with other players, you can request free bets by submitting the "CLAIM" button. Obviously, it is right to know that players do not always agree to give away free bets to other players.

Aviator RTP

You have a 97% payout ratio overall, which is the perfect deal. Regarding that, in 100 spins the little plane will depart at a multiplier of 0.00 and will not stand a chance to win.

Every round provides us a coefficient using a certain system, which has never let the players down. We do not generate the odds. They are created with the help of the players participating in the round and are transparent. In this way, it can be ruled out that the game result can be manipulated in any way.

On each player's side, the client seed value is generated. At the beginning of the round, the values of the first 3 players are used to generate the round result. At the start of the round, the game combines the four values. A SHA512 hash is generated from the combination of these values and the result of the game is ultimately created from this hash value.

Autoplay - aviator casino game trick

Now that all sounds very technical. However, if you familiarize yourself with the matter, you will quickly find out that this determination of the game results is completely transparent and easier to understand than is the case with the algorithms of online slot machines or digital table games since these simply run on some servers and you have no insight into what's behind it.

Set the autoplay mode by pressing the appropriate button. Up to 10 rounds can be played automatically. You can also choose to stop automatic play when:

  • the balance decrease by a present amount
  • when the balance goes up by a fixed amount
  • crossing by a win a single amount

While activating “Auto-Payout” the amount will be cashed out if the aircraft proceeds to the set multiplier. We can particularly recommend this function if you are playing in an area with a weak connection or if the ping value is too high. "Ping" (technically more correctly called "latency") is the time it takes for a small packet of data to travel from your device to a server on the Internet and back to your device. With a high ping number (>100ms) it is possible that you click in time, but the signal arrives too late at the server and the round is considered lost.